Aromatherapy Scents

Aromatic scents are known to have exerted an enduring influence on the psyche of all deep rooted ancient civilizations of the world. Its story is never complete and never ending; at least, one of the great royalties in any given time is known to be associated with mesmerizing effects of these scents.

Since ancient times, common man has also used scent to entice and excite. And modern perfume manufacturers – with heaps of scientific evidence are developing great perfumery blends with just such a purpose in mind. The impact of aromapathy scents is eternal and will linger on as long as our civilization.

So, what is the magic of these exotic scents? Why are some scents more conducive to romance than say, business pursuits? Why are some scents are more soothing and relaxing than others? Though, these factors can not be explained very easily, their effect on our life is definite. When you inhale an aroma, it sends a myriad of messages through the olfactory nerve endings to the limbic system of the brain.

This system, also known as the “old brain” manages instinctive responses like emotional, sexual and aggressive behaviors. And some scents – like jasmine, vanilla and ylang ylang – will stimulate the release of neurochemicals which trigger sexual response. Plus, our personal preference of seductive scents is influenced by pheromones, barely visible human scent molecules that travel through perspiration. Pheromones are known to be very mysterious in exerting their influence on human beings.

How ever, each pheromone is entirely different. Because of the highly acidic nature of a man’s sweat, male pheromones have a more musky quality than female ones. Musk and sandalwood scents, in fact, are known to be romantically enticing to women because they closely resemble the chemical make-up of male pheromones.

Exotic and romantic perfume blends are often created with the essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine and ylang ylang. Of course, perfume enthusiasts have other aims in mind too.

The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans of yesteryears created special blends for seduction, but also for worshipping deities, enjoying holidays, and encouraging readiness before battle and inspiring deep contemplation and rejuvenation.

Today all of us are still completely enveloped with aroma. And with various essential oils, we can also blend our own scents for various purposes.
A successful perfume is considered as an “aromatic symphony” – a perfect and harmonious blend of top, middle and base notes.

Top notes are sharp, fleeting and alluring scents, those first noticed in a fragrance and the first to fade. Middle notes summarize the fragrance midway through the drying process, which can be considered the soul, or the melody of the blend. And base notes are deep, rich, stable, grounding scents that stabilize the fragrance and prolong its power, because their slow evaporation rate.

When trying blending a perfume, begin by swirling quickly the essential oils and absolutes together in a tight mix. Then mix them to your pick of vegetable-based oil. Jojoba works very well as a base because it’s waxy nature, so it doesn’t become rancid and will increase the life of the perfume. Avoid synthetic oils while blending your concoction as they will mask the original flavor of your blend.

If you want to fragrance hair, clothes and sheets blend essential oils and absolutes in an atomizer and mix pure grain alcohol or 100 proof vodka. You can also create a refreshing, spicy-scented base by adding one stick of cinnamon, one vanilla bean or two tablespoons of spices (cloves, allspice or ginger) to a pint of alcohol.

Vanilla is known to induce sexual desire while cinnamon is attributed to arouse female passions.

Alcohol-based oils improve as they mature with aging, so prepare them ahead and let the mixtures meld in a dark place for a few weeks before using. The most enduring aspects of these blends are the everlasting quality after a sustained aging process. As they mature, the blends unfold the aromatic magic, the air filling with exotic fumes of heavenly scent.

Aromatherapy scents is a source of pure joy; its effects surreal and its influence ever lasting. As some one rightly said “As Rosemary is to the spirit, so Lavender is to the soul.” How true it is!
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